Friday, April 18, 2008

Love never fails. 1 Cor. 13:8

Taking our 'leap of faith' as we jump the broom. May 2005

Me and the love of my life. Christmas 2007
A little about me:
I am a lactivist who has been breastfeeding for six months. I plan on continuing at least into my daughters first year. One of my favorite quotes about nursing is "Formula is to breasts, what wheelchairs are to legs". This means that barring a medical emergency, all babies deserve and need breastmilk. You wouldn't automatically adopt the use of a wheelchair without needing one would you? Sadly, the majority of mothers these days don't see it this way.
I digress...
I have my Ph.D in Organic Chemistry from the University of Tennessee and my B.S. degree in Chemistry from Tennessee State University. My husband is a professional musician (piano, organ, bass guitar, drums, etc.) and has a B.A. degree in Music and is currently working on his Master's with teaching licensure in Elementary Education.

I come from strong "stock". My father is a retired Attorney/Social Worker and my mother is a retired Accountant. My dad is also a retired Army man. I remember him saying to me and my little sister "At ease" when we got out of hand. My mom would just shake her head.
I have a strong love for my Savior and in all that I do I seek to please him. I would like to think that I am an open minded individual but God has shown me through many tests in my life that HE IS REAL. I've tried him and I know him.

ANAIAH means "God has answered" and is taken from the bible (Nehemiah 8:4). My husband and I diligently prayed for her and on January 29, 2007 we learned that God had answered our prayers. Our little blessing was born 10/6/07 after only 5.5 hours of labor. She was born in water and had a very uneventful entry into the world. No epidural. She was only 6 lbs, 11.5 ounces at birth and 19.5 inches long. Feel free to scroll down for pictures of my lovely family.

Naiah was only 3 weeks old in this picture. This is Naiah at 5 months old. This is Naiah at 6 months. She's turning into quite the little lady!This was Easter 2008 when Naiah was Christened. This is my extended family, my mom is next to me, my older and younger sisters to my left and my nieces and nephews surrounding. My MIL is to the left in the back next to my BIL.This is only the second time we've ever given Naiah solids. We've experimented with solids in an explorative fashion a few times. Naiah loves to 'explore'. She hates to be spoon-fed.
She's such a goofy little thing!
My little diva!

Naiah's first swimming excursion! This was on Daddy's birthday!

This is one of my favorites. Like father, like daughter.

No one is as funny as Daddy is!

Back when I was 'with child'.

One of my other favorites. This was before my daughter was concieved
(but not long before *wink*)

Dex and me (at 38 weeks)

This is my hubby when we were in Germany.

This is me in Aachen, Germany (16 weeks pregnant)

Me and hubby in Paris. I was 16 weeks pregnant here.

Dexter over the Holidays (2007)Me when Naiah was only 3 weeks old.Naiah at 3 weeks old.Me on my wedding day, May 21, 2005

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