Thursday, July 28, 2011

Down this road again...

I’m on the prowl again.  Things didn’t work out with my last agent, she left her company and things got fuzzy.  So here I am.  A free agent as they would say in sports.  Wouldn’t they say that?  Nevermind the analogy, I’ll have to ask my husband about that one.

Now I’m in the process of getting my manuscript as tight as I can so that I can begin submitting to agents and maybe even a few publishers.  The funny thing about this stage is that it’s exciting as much as it is anxiety inducing.  You begin to fret over the negative “what ifs” because you’ve been down this road before, but then you get so pumped about the potentially positive “what ifs” that you just feel is your destiny.  I’m super imaginative so I can so see myself accepting that publishing contract someday in the future.  I can see myself with a nice, long career in writing, totally giving up my science career.  Sadly, I am also a realist, and can see myself trying to reach the carrot that’s been dangling in front of my face, but never quite coming close enough to grab it.

I guess that’s why phrases like “Que sera sera” are clichés.  I specialize in clichés by the way.  If you  need one, hit me up.  I’ll be happy to lend you a few.

So, please keep me in your prayers and your thoughts!
And, here’s a few pics too, just to keep the tradition going!

Fourth of July 2011



Funbi said...

Don't be discouraged or fretful sis! You have given your best, you have given your all! God will do it for you unless He as much bigger plans for you! IStay encouraged sis! By the way, you and your family is beautiful!


sciencegirl007 said...

Thanks a lot! I will stay encouraged! Through it all, God has brought me through! Take care!