Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Writing Reflections

I don’t blog much about my writing. I guess because I know if I get started in that habit that I might never stop and then there’d be no boundaries left at all. I’ve read horror stories about writers who have crossed the line in the TMI category and I have been determined to avoid it. What I’ve done is essentially end up in the opposite camp. One who never blogs about writing. Aye de mi!

I’ve been doing a lot of editor/agent blog reading lately and have been filing away quite a few tidbits about the industry. It’s like a maze out there and I can say that I am feeling my way around in the dark. My agent definitely helps me out in that regard, but I am such a nerd that I find myself compelled to learn all there is to know about publishing.

I want to know about book deals, and clauses, and foreign rights, and everything….well, everything except rejections, of course. I find myself scouring the internet for any relevant piece of information.

There are a few blogs of anonymous editors that I particularly like (such as editorial anonymous and editorialass) as well as one authored by an anonymous intern. They are truly eye opening and not in the normal sense. Everything I read on publishing is devoured in seconds, but what is startling to me are the strange things some writers do to get noticed. I am at a loss for words at some of the things that writers will do to attract the attention of an agent and/or editor. I am no stranger to the feeling of desperation of wanting your work to be on display. I often get impatient with the process and find myself daydreaming about my moment of Glory (which is really God’s moment since he is the reason for my success, should I ever garner any), but good ole common sense will preclude me from ever acting on any of my non-sensical whims, if I ever had any that is.

I mean, if pregnancy can’t teach a gal to be patient then I suppose publishing can finish the job. Maybe it’s no coincidence they both begin with the letter P.

Maybe that could be my next novel….Publishing and Pregnancy: one’s a pain in the membrane, the other’s a pain in the ____.

Really, I’m joking and although you might not be laughing, I’m cracking myself up. Lol. Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t be writing comedy.

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