Monday, February 2, 2009

Pics for fun

My husband Dexter playing at a Jazz Lounge in DC on January 19th, 2009. There was a musicians jam session that we happened upon. He was geeked!
Me, my husband and my younger sister in DC this January for the inauguration.

Me and Dex in line for our inauguration tickets. It took us four hours to pick them up. The line was wrapped all the way around the federal office bldg. Whew!

This one was of my husband in December when he graduated with his Master's in Curriculum and Instruction with Licensure in Elem. Ed. Go Dex!! Supastar!

Me and Naiah-bean at the graduation. Right after this, she threw up a gallon of oatmeal all over me. The organic milk that we had bought for her was spoiled (even though it wasn't expired!) and made her sick. After she threw up in front of the entire graduating class and their guests, she was back to normal. Mommy, however, wasn't too happy.

Can you tell I love pics?

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