Monday, April 27, 2009

Two goals down….

Ninety eight more to go.

First goal:
I’ve recently acquired an agent to represent my middle grade fiction novel. She’s a wonderful woman who I feel very blessed and honored to have as the champion for my work. Her name is L. Spencer Humphrey and she has lots of experience in publishing and I am sure she will do an awesome job pitching my story.

Philippians 4:13

Second goal:

My new agent gave me some excellent editorial advice on how to make my story stronger and more compelling and I took her advice and capitalized on it. It took me about 5 weeks (I think), but I’ve recently handed her the revised copy of my completed middle grade novel. The book is intended to be a series and book 2 has been drafted, but still needs work.

So, now all that’s left is for her to take her time perusing it and then offer her opinion on it. I am truly hoping that she think it’s ready for submission to editors. If not, then I trust her explicitly and work my tail off to make sure the book lives up the premise (which is awesome, I might add).

So wish me luck!!!!!

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Crystal said...

Just wanted to offer my congratulations on getting your agent! That's wonderful! And if time permits, don't forget to post over on the blueboards (Verla Kay's).

And here's to an equally fast sale!