Thursday, April 30, 2009

Love makes me choke

But in a good way, though. Right now, my emotions are stitched on my sleeve. I can’t help it either. Anything that pops up on TV that has the smallest hint of love, or charity, or compassion, makes me blubber like a baby. I guess it’s fitting.

Yesterday, for the millionth time, I watched one of fav movies, Practical Magic. I love Sandra Bullock, don’t you? Well, in the end when she sacrifices for her sister and cuts her hand and says “my blood, your blood” I got sooo choked and tears began streaming down my face. (Oh no, it’s happening again!). Nevermind that I’ve seen this movie a gazillion times. Nevermind that I know it’s coming. It still got me.
And that’s not the worst of it. I boo hoo’ed one day watching HGTV. This poor girl bought her first house and later found out that the contractors who built the basement apartment did a shoddy job on everything and she had to spend $40K to fix it. Then, the new contractors she hired didn’t fix it and took her money. So she called HGTV and they came out with their lifesaver contractor crew and fixed it right for another $40K. While she told her story, she was crying like a baby and if I had her number I would’ve called her and told that I definitely could feel her pain. I’m a total sympathy freak right now.

But, I guess things could be worse, right?

I could be having daily conniptions over food. Wait, a minute…that’s already happened. Yikes!

Remind me one day to tell you about the hamburger fiasco.


Suzanne Young said...

When I was pregnant, I was obsessed with HGTV. haha. And yeah, I cried over everything! Isn't it funny? You'd think having babies should make us TOUGHER!! Not Weepier. lol.

Sarah Wylie said...

I do love Sandra Bullock! I can be emotional too and I'm not, er, pregnant;)