Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Whoa is me

Yeah, okay, another whoa is me post. I know how I sound. Pathetic right? But really, you gotta hear this.

So, one night I go to bed as usual (remember, we co-sleep) and since my daughter is older now, she basically sleeps in the middle of us. I had forgotten to get rid of the bed rail that we attached to the bed. On this particular night, I slept in the oddest position that I, of course, don't remember, except for the painful reminder I awoke to the next morning.

The next day, I had an excrutiating pain in my shoulder. Since I am a nerd, I self-diagnosed myself as having shoulder tendinitis, or more specifically an inflamed rotator cuff. If you've ever had tendinitis then you know it's no joke. I dealt with the pain for a few days, but then it became debillitating where my arm was essentially glued to my side (this was last week, btw) so I made an appt with a specialist. By the time the appt time came (a few days after I made the appt), the pain started receding and since I've had tendinitis before, I knew it was probably getting better on it's own and no reason to go the doc.

Now, let me preface my decision to not see the Doc by saying that about a month ago, I went to the ER b/c I had the most severe ear pain I've ever had in my life. My ear was screaming at me and in turn I screamed back. After waiting 5 hours in the ER (by myself b/c hubby was home with our daughter, no way I was taking her to the ER for nothing), I get to the back and see the nurse (I hate this practice, btw; who wants to pay "dr" money to see a nurse?) and he tells me that he's going to give me steroids for it. It wasn't an infection, just fluid behind my ear drum. My whole fam had been sick recently and it's typical with congestion. So I tell the nurse, hold up, look at my chart, I'm pregnant. I am also a chemist so I know there's no way I can take steroids right now (especially in the 1st trimester). He then basically closes the case by saying "Oh, well then you'll have to take some benadryl then and hope for the best". You've got to be kidding me. Five-Hours-In-The-Er. foward. If my pain is in fact subsiding, then I see absolutely no need to go the doc for no reason so they can tell me that I can't have the cortisone shot that I so desperately need. And guess what? Hallelujah, pain is really fading. Not all the way gone, mind you, but fading. That was Thursday, last week.

Now, at 10pm on Wednesday of the next week. Said pain returning in same arm. Ow.

Debating on my plan of attack. So far my defense has been icing it down. I just don't want another ER episode, ya know? I can't even take advil. It's an NSAID (which would relieve the inflammation) and is not recommended for pregnancy.

So, like the title of my post. Whoa is me. I need a spa day.

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