Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random Life Update

Hi all!

I've been pretty busy lately, so my blogging has suffered.

Dex and I celebrated our fourth anniversary on the 21st of May. We got a babysitter (thank you Jesus!) and went to a great restaurant (because, again, food runs my life), and went to see the newest Terminator flick (which was AWESOME!!). I have watched Terminator 1 and 2 so much that I know the dialogue by heart. I can't wait to own this one. I love superheroes. Plus, Batman as Terminator was great. What a wonderful anniversary this one was (was that a Yoda-ism?).

I was also a bridesmaid for one of my dearest, oldest friends two weekends ago. She was my first roommate in college and we both hated each other when we first met. "What? You mean we have to share?"

It didn't take long for us to become bosom buddies.

I won't mention the bridesmaids dresses (Not very flattering on pregnant women). Wait, was that a mention?

Hubby, daughter and I had a fabulous time while we were in St. Louis. Met a fabulous, Christian couple who was also expecting and had a two year old daughter. They invited us to church and then we all went to the St. Louis Zoo. Had a wonderful time and forged friendships that I believe will be time tested. I will post pics in next post.

Basically, right now I am excited about two things: My book and my baby.

I won't really elaborate on my book, except to say that I am done with revisions (which feels great!).

I find out on Wednesday whether or not I am correct in my assertion that I am having a boy.

Honestly, I don't really care either way, but I am certain that his name is Mathias, which means "gift of God". His life is another testimony of God's grace. So on Wednesday, I'll be sure to post to let you know the outcome. I can't wait to tell every one I told you so. If you know anything about Pentecostals then you'll get me when I say "I feel it in my spirit". Lol.

Off to post pics now.

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